Established in 1978.

The Chute Boxe Academy opened as a Muay Thai academy in 1978 in Curitiba, Brazil. Head trainer Rudimar Fedrigo later expanded the program in 1991 to include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other aspects of modern mixed martial arts. By 1995, the Chute Boxe team was considered a prime training ground for Vale Tudo fighters. In 2004, an American branch, Chute Boxe USA, was established and is located in Long Beach California.
Chute Boxe fighters are characterized by being extremely aggressive and physical, as well as well-rounded fighters, able to use submissions, punches, kicks, and various grappling styles as needed notable fighters include Cris Cyborg, Evangelista Cyborg, Anderson Silva, Mauricio Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva in events such as Pride, UFC, Dream, EliteXC, And StrikeForce.


USA HEAD COACH GERSON SCHILIPACKE founded the Chute Boxe USA official headquarters in 2009 . Professor Gerson is a Muay Thai black belt with over nineteen years of competitive and training experience. His passion for improving physical fitness, mental discipline, and spiritual strength is apparent in every class he teaches. Professor Gerson has been a positive influence in the lives of many. Professor Gerson began studying Muay Thai at the famed Chute Boxe Academy in Curitiba Brazil. After receiving his black belt in 2004 and many fights both Muay Thai and MMA  he wanted to pass his knowledge to others and focus his work towards a coaching career. In 2006 he moved to Southern California to coach the Chute Boxe USA team.

Professor Gerson believes in a principled approach to martial arts, that includes the development of personal character as well as physical strength. His focus on respect, confidence, righteousness, discipline, and vision has made him one of the most sought after Muay Thai and MMA instructors in Southern California. Come in to Chute Boxe for a free class. You are sure to be inspired!



This is one of our most popular programs for students of all ages and abilities at Chute Boxe. Learn the elements of authentic Muay Thai / kickboxing while making friends, getting in shape and having fun. This martial arts style is great for sharpening your self-defense skills and awareness while getting, and staying in shape.


 In Muay Thai classes, you will master practical drills, skills and techniques including: Boxing, Dutch Muay Thai, Thai boxing.


Classes include cardio and abdominal work, a full array of pad and kick bag exercises, punching, kicking, and blocking techniques, and sparring that are sure to get you into shape. You’ll learn pro techniques that have made many world champions.


 Chute Boxe trains both amateur and professional fighters. We also provide a family environment welcoming women, men and children.




One of our most popular areas of instruction at Chute Boxe is our Mixed Martial Arts program. Learn practical and highly effective standing and ground skills with an experienced professional instructor. MMA at Chute Boxe offers a fighters workout with a combination of light and medium contact workouts drills and sparring. 


Learn the fundamentals of striking and grappling including: punches, kicks and knees, sweeps, takedowns, submissions, and more. Learn smart and effective offensive and defensive moves while you get into shape.


Learn to effectively mix grappling and striking in a ground confrontation - a must for self defense. Not only is this class informative and useful for any person, but it offers an unparalleled workout that is sure to keep you fit.


FIGHTERS or aspiring fighters. Our program will prepare you and excel you at many levels.

 Including :

-Proper fight camp preparation.

-Strength and conditioning.



And goal setting for life in the gym and outside. Our goal is to make you a CHAMPION and help you reach your full potential. 




 Do you want to see positive changes in your young child, preteen or teen? We build all our martial arts on the foundation of five virtues; PATIENCE, FOCUS, KINDNESS, HONESTY, and RESPECT. Through our kid’s programs such as Muay Thai MMA and Brazilian Jiu  Jitsu , your child will gain: self discipline and mental focus, learn how to become dedicated, consistent and committed, and will become stronger in mind and body. All these elements of martial arts studies have shown to dramatically increase self esteem and improve attitude at home and school. Serious students will live by a set of standards that will inspire others. They will continue to achieve skill sets that they will carry with them into their college and professional years ahead!




We are the place to train if you are looking for your child, a professional fighter, a woman seeking to gain empowerment through self defense classes or a man who has always wanted to go beyond watching MMA on TV and try the real thing. Chute Boxe offers a variety of training, conditioning, confidence-boosting classes to offer you with results that are Real, Obtainable and Lasting! The disciplines offered on our schedule  make for a very well-rounded selection to suit all needs, from the novice to the expert.


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